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Season 2 - Episode 10:

Empowering Female Leaders- Lisa Carmen Wang

Empowering Female Leaders- Lisa Carmen Wang

Episode Summary

Lisa Carmen Wang founded SheWorx to help women entrepreneurs build and scale successful companies. She started her latest project, The GLOW, to help them feel like real-life superheroes.

Episode Notes

Lisa Carmen Wang has spent a lot of time falling and even more time getting back up. As a rhythmic gymnast, she took home Pan-Am Games gold and was the US National Champion for three years running. In 2015, she founded SheWorx, a platform devoted to launching and scaling female-headed businesses. In this week’s episode, she talks to us about her newest project, The GLOW.

“How do you get your foot in the door when you aren’t born in a rich family and you aren’t born into these Silicon Valley circles?” she asks. SheWorx provides part of the answer: networks of mentors, peers and allies who can help guide and amplify women’s voices in the entrepreneurial space. But Wang knew that the business side was only part of the answer. The GLOW—which stands for The Global League of Women— takes a holistic approach to female success, training women to love their voice, their bodies, and their spirit. The end result? Boosted confidence and what Wang calls “enoughness.” In our chat with Wang, we touch on the importance of resilience, how men can be great allies in business (and in life), and the power of a good self-care ritual.