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Season 3 - Episode 12:

Good Space, Good Vibes with Inessa Freya

Good Space, Good Vibes with Inessa Freya

Episode Summary

We could all use a vibe boost in 2020, right? Inessa Freya is here to help us out. She’s a feng shui expert-slash-psychotherapist who works with all kinds of people to help improve their workspace, their homes, and their minds. Join us as we chat with her about how what surrounds us is more than just surface level.

Episode Notes

“Is your space feeding you? Or is it getting in the way?” These are the kinds of questions Inessa Freya asks her clients. As both a psychotherapist and a feng shui expert, Inessa taps into her knowledge of how our spaces affect our mood and vice versa. In a year when we’re all spending more time than ever in our house, creating nourishing and fulfilling work-from-home environments are an investment in business success and good mental health. 

We talk to Inessa about the surprising ways our values influence our clutter, why home-edit shows are so huge, and how an open window can change the energy of your space. She also walks us through a quick ritual for dual-use spaces—if you’re working in your bedroom or living room, this one’s for you. 

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