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Season 4:

Nerdisode #2- Carl Smith

Nerdisode #2- Carl Smith

Episode Summary

Welcome to the second Nerdisode of the Season. These accompanying minisodes distill a bit of wisdom from our Monday guests. This week we talked to Carl Smith, who shared how he started his incredible digital community, Bureau of Digital, inspired by his 11-year old daughter’s curiosity.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode, we talked to Carl Smith from Bureau of Digital. In our I Make a Living Nerdisode, he gives us his top tips for building organic and authentic communities.

  1. Building community isn’t something you check off a list: it requires a commitment and a purpose to keep it going.
  2. Communities evolve to reflect their members’ needs: what you start with might not be what you end up with.
  3. When you’re scaling an intimate group into thousands of members, insist on a strong code of conduct.
  4. Don’t be scared of your communities taking off without you: you wanted a group of people to get together and do something, so let ‘em!
  5. Meet your community where they live: for Bureau of Digital, it was Slack. Where is yours?