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Season 2 - Episode :

Pride- Mina Gerges (Bonus Episode)

Pride- Mina Gerges (Bonus Episode)

Episode Summary

On this bonus episode in honor of Pride Month, we talk to Mina Gerges, a Toronto based actor and model who is redefining traditional male beauty standards through bold self-expression, gender fluidity, and body positivity. Mina shares his experience and insights on how entrepreneurs can be truly diverse, and serve all communities equally.

Episode Notes

From this episode, here are 3 ACTIONS to make your business more inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity. If we’re looking to make lasting change, we need to continue the conversation around workplace intersectionality all the time – not just in reaction to current events.

  • Encourage use of pronouns – not just for queer employees but for everyone
  • Revise company policies – act in accordance with the law and your values on everything from workplace dress codes to hiring and firing practices 
  • Rethink how you categorize your customers. Should you be making gender binary products or would your customers and business benefit from being more fluid.

This isn’t a one and done kind of thing – we’re all learning and growing together and so should our company policies. So keep thinking about diversity and inclusion and how you can be a leader and not a follower in business.


Mina Gerges – Website