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Season 2 - Episode 20:

Terry O’Reilly-Master Class (Season Finale)

Terry O’Reilly-Master Class (Season Finale)

Episode Summary

“The best marketers are the best listeners,” says Terry O’Reilly. He’s a 30-year veteran of the ad world and host of CBC’s Under The Influence marketing podcast. On our season 2 finale, he’s our Master Class expert, giving his insights on how small businesses can make the most of a marketing budget.

Episode Notes

Some of us want to be Lay’s Chips—national! popular! instant recognition!—but Terry O’Reilly thinks we could learn a few things from Utz, Baltimore’s hometown favorite chip brand that outperforms Lay’s by a huge margin. In other words: small can be excellent. Terry O’Reilly is the host of the marketing podcast Under the Influence, and has 30 years of experience directing marketing for brands big and small.

In this week’s episode, O’Reilly reminds us to put on our marketing hats at least once a week (hey, if it worked for Steve Jobs…) and experiment with boldness. “Does your idea make your hands start to sweat a little bit?” he asks; it’s a clue that you’re on the right track. He outlines his “Shish Kebab” theory of brand unity that you can start using today, and tells us why small businesses shouldn’t get too wrapped up in what their competitors are doing.

He also takes questions from our #imakealiving audience about scaling businesses on a shoestring budget, how to use social media for market research, and how protect your business from toxic clients.


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