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Season 2 - Episode 15:

The Art of the Side Hustle- Rich Jones

The Art of the Side Hustle- Rich Jones

Episode Summary

Does your side hustle need a bit of streamlining? This week, Rich Jones—who works his day job at Google while hosting the personal finance podcast Paychecks and Balances on the side—walks us through some of his favorite tools for keeping on top his ever-growing roster of roles.

Episode Notes

Do you find your brain buzzing when you look at your to-do list? Rich Jones knows that feeling. As host of the personal finance podcast Paychecks and Balances, creator of the podcast consulting business Showstarter, and as internal communications manager at Google, Jones has a lot on his plate. On this week’s episode, we do a deep-dive on the tools he uses to make sure that everything gets done.

Jones suggests doing a bit soul-searching to figure out what’s important to your business, and which tools might help—they might not be the ones everyone else is using. He uses tools like Slack, Evernote and Trello, along with automation software Zapier, in order to streamline communication and tasks. He’s also thinking creatively about his networks: by introducing affiliates to his business model, Jones creates value for his ability to connect people with the products and services they need. Overall, he takes an experimental approach, and doesn’t focus too much on mastering the programs he uses. As long as they’re doing what he needs them to, it’s good for his business.