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Easily Track Project Profitability and Performance

Juggling projects, clients, and a team leaves little time to track dollars in and out. Project Profitability gives you at-a-glance widgets and in-depth reports, with insights you just can’t get in spreadsheets.

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We’re basically saving $2000 a month. And that doesn’t include all the things that we were able to do in place of all that admin.

Manage Projects With Ease

With project info in one convenient place, FreshBooks makes project management simple. Here’s how:

  • Set and get a better understanding of time and labor costs per project
  • Easily duplicate projects to transfer key info over and save time
  • Convert Estimates and Proposals to Projects, in just a few clicks
  • Understand which services cost the most to lower your margins

Make Better Business Decisions with Profitability Insights

Knowing more about your business (projects included) helps you make smarter business decisions. Profitability tools are part of that:

  • Profitability Widget – An at-a-glance breakdown of Income, Costs, the profitability of projects, and unbilled hours
  • Profitability Summary – An overview of overall profitability across clients and projects for quick comparison
  • Project Profitability Details – A detailed report of each project’s profitability by service and expense categories
  • Project Estimates – Understand how project costs measure up to initial estimates to improve service pricing in the future

Project Resources to Support Your Growing Business

Easily Track Every Project’s Performance

Master Project Management: Close Deals and Deliver Amazing Projects

Manage Project Spending with Team Cost Rates and Billable Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Project Profitability work?

Project Profitability allows you to track your Projects’ performance to see how profitable they are. Project Profitability also helps you better manage team members and see how time and expenses are being tracked to help you make better business decisions.

How does the Profitability Summary Report work?

The Profitability Summary Report allows you to see which Projects are more profitable than others by comparing your Projects’ planned and real costs.

How does the Profitability Details Report work?

The Profitability Details Report gives you a detailed breakdown of a Project’s profitability by Services and Expenses. To see profitability between Projects, you can run a Profitability Summary Report instead.

What are Projects in FreshBooks?

Projects are a great way to collaborate with Clients and your Team Members inside your FreshBooks account. It’s also helpful for communicating with your Clients beyond Invoices. You can review all time tracked from you and your Team Members and see all Invoices and Expenses associated with a specific Project.


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