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Google Docs Invoicing for Small Businesses

Looking for a completely free and simple invoice template to streamline your invoicing process?

Google Docs takes the guesswork out of creating detailed and hassle-free invoices for your business. Simply download the template, customize and send to your clients.

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Using Google Docs Invoice Templates for Your Business

Creating an invoice doesn’t have to require hours of design or working with an accountant to get it right. As a small business owner, you can make an invoice on your own for free, without the hassle.

With blank, customizable fields, this free Google Docs template gives you the freedom to create invoices that are perfect for your business. Add a logo, include custom pricing, calculate expenses and taxes and much more to manage your accounting with ease.

Ready to create an invoice you and your clients will love?

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How to Create an Invoice in Google Docs

  1. Log into Google Docs with your Google account ID and password
  2. Download the blank “Google Docs Invoice Template
  3. Open the invoice template in Google Drive
  4. Name your invoice. Example: “(business name) Invoice Template”
  5. Customize your invoice with your company details, logo, contact information, etc.
  6. Create your first client invoice by selecting “Make a Copy” and renaming the new document. Example: “(client name) Invoice, (date)”
  7. Edit the invoice by filling in client details, services, costs, invoice date, payment due date and payment terms. Be as detailed as possible
  8. Share completed invoice with your client
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How to Customize an Invoice in Google Docs

Downloading your free invoice template for Google Docs is a great start, but you want to be sure to customize your invoices to suit your business style and needs.

With many customizable fields and options, this template will get you headed in the right direction. Simply add your business information, branding and service details and you will be good-to-go. No designer or accountant necessary.

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Customize Your Google Docs Invoice Template

  1. Add your company name and contact information. This is a good reminder to your clients of where the invoice came from and how to get in contact with you.
  2. Add a logo and branding. You can add a logo at the top of your invoice, use your brand colors and even change the fonts on the invoice.
  3. Review template fields. Make sure the names of the items make sense for your business. Remove any irrelevant fields.
  4. Describe your services. Accurately describe the services being offered so your clients know exactly what they’ll be getting.
  5. Include custom pricing. Add your pricing for each service or item and calculate the total.
  6. Outline payment terms. Specify the payment requirements, timeframe and payment methods available.

The template allows you the freedom to add and remove fields, change styling and even add a logo. In customizing your Google Docs invoice, you can create an invoice that looks professional and captures all of the details you need.

Your clients will appreciate receiving an invoice that is personalized for them and outlines all of the services being provided. Your invoice is also a key document to help you keep track of payment deadlines and details to assure you get paid on time.

How to Send an Invoice from Google Drive

Ready to send your customized invoice to your clients?  There are a few things to know before you can share or send the final invoice via Google Drive.

If this is a one-time payment, sharing your invoice is relatively simple. However, if you are managing multiple invoices, a large number of clients or have clients on recurring payment, you may want to use invoicing software to stay organized. What you use depends on the needs of you and your small business.

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Sending an Invoice Directly from Google Drive

To send an invoice to your clients directly from Google Drive, log into your Google account.

First, find the invoice you want to send. Confirm that all of the details are correct and that the invoice is named appropriately.

Next, click the “Share” button to select sharing options. Here, you can specify who can see the invoice. You can copy a link to the Doc, or send the Google Docs invoice by entering your client’s email address.

Finally, click “Save” and “Done”.

Note: Determine the level of access your client will have to the Doc. We recommend keeping it “Private” so that only those with the link or who have received the Doc via email can access it.

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Download a Blank Google Docs Invoice Template for Free

Google Docs makes creating and sending professional-style invoices quick and easy. With this free downloadable invoice template for Google Docs, you can begin sending invoices to your clients in a matter of minutes.

Download the simple Google Docs invoice template to get started with fast and secure billing. Spend less time accounting and more time doing the work you love.

Get Your Free Google Docs Invoice Template from FreshBooks.

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