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How do I invite an Accountant?

Accountant Center gives your accountant their own separate and secure access to your FreshBooks Reports and Journal Entries, making collaboration easier. Now you can spend less time making sure your Accountant has the information they need, and more time doing what you love.

Invite Your Accountant

FreshBooks makes it easy to invite your Accountant by emailing them all the details they need, including a link to sign up. Use these steps below:

    1. Go to the People tab
    2. Click on the Accountant sub-tab
    3. Click on the green Invite Your Accountant button

Invite your accountant button.

  1. Enter the email address of your Accountant, and customize the email message if you wish
  2. Click on the Send button and your accountant will receive the email.

Accept an Invite from Your Accountant

If your Accountant has already created their own Accountant Center account (like our FreshBooks-certified accountants here), they can send you an invitation to join your account instead. All you have to do is click on the Accept Invitation button in the email.

You can then log into your existing FreshBooks account (or create one if you don’t have one yet).


Once you and your Accountant are connected, you can confirm this by going to the People tab and clicking on the Accountant sub-tab. You’ll see your Accountant’s contact details and a Remove Accountant button if needed.

Accountant page showing a connected accountant with their information.

Your Accountant will be able to have have a bird’s eye view of all your account activity, with direct access to all of your Reports. They can filter them, set date ranges, print the results, or download them to Excel. These are the same reports that are available to you through the Reports tab in your FreshBooks account.

Reports tab from an Accountant's log in.

In addition to Reports, your accountant can also have access to all of your Journal Entries. These are the financial logs that document every transaction that occurs in your account (such as creating invoices and entering or deleting payments). These entries can be opened in Excel, and can also be imported into QuickBooks so your accountant can spend less time entering data and more time managing your finances and providing feedback.

Accountant's log in showing access to journal entries.


Can I have more than one accountant attached to my FreshBooks account?

Currently you can only have one accountant at a time attached to your account; however, you can change your accountant by removing your current one and adding another.


How do I know my accountant is connected?

The quickest way to tell that your accountant is connected is to do the following:

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on the Accountant sub-tab
  3. From here, if you see a grey Remove Accountant button along with your accountant’s contact information, they are connected. If you see a grey Cancel Invitation button, your accountant has not yet accepted the invite.


I sent my invitation but my accountant has still not connected, how do I resend?

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on the Accountant sub-tab
  3. Click on the grey Cancel Invitation button
  4. Then click on the green Invite Your Accountant button
  5. Enter the accountant’s email again and click Send.


How do I remove my accountant?

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on the Accountant sub-tab
  3. Click on the grey Remove Accountantbutton here
  4. Your accountant will receive an email that they have been disconnected and can no longer access reports.