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How do I add multiple contacts to one Client

Sometimes you may need to send Invoices to multiple contacts in one Company - for example, the Finance team and the CEO, or you may need to CC someone on an Invoice. With FreshBooks, you’re able to add multiple contacts to a single Client, and you can then choose which of those contacts to send Invoices to. There are a couple of ways to add multiple contacts to your Clients.

Client Profile:

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. You will be brought to a list of your Clients
  3. Click edit link on the Client of your choice (or if you’re adding a new Client, click on the New Client button)
  4. Under the Contacts section there is a little green (+) with a link saying Add another contact. Click on this link
  5. New_Contact_Via_Client

  6. Enter your secondary contact’s information. The email is required, and it’s worth adding a first & last name as well
  7. New_Contact_Via_Client

    NOTE: There is no limit to how many contacts you can add to a Client.

  8. Click Save when you’re done!

Now when you create an Invoice for that Client, you’ll see the option to send to any of the Contacts listed under the Client:


On an Invoice:

If you’re already halfway through creating an Invoice before remembering that you needed to add a secondary contact, have no fear! You can add the contact to the Client directly within the Invoice.

  1. Select the Client from the Client drop-down menu
  2. Click on the Add another contact button
  3. New_Contact_Via_Invoice


  4. Fill out the contact’s information
  5. Remember to click Save after you’re done adding your new contact
  6. You can now also send the Invoice to your newly added contact.