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How can I accept Bank Transfer payments with WePay?

If you’re located in the continental United States then your Clients have the ability to process transactions through WePay using Bank Transfers. To find out if you’re eligible, give the Support team a call or email.

The fee for using Bank Transfers is 1% of each transaction.

To enable Bank Transfers on an Invoice, do the following:

    1. Go to the Invoices tab and click edit next to an existing Invoice or create a new Invoice
    2. Next to the Accept Online Payments section, check off Bank

Accept Online Payments options for WePay or WePay Bank Transfers.

    1. If you have not accepted the Terms of Service for credit card payments through WePay, you will see it for both credit cards and Bank Transfers here (otherwise, you just see the pop-up for Bank Transfers). Make sure you agree to the Terms of Service
    2. Bank Transfers should now be checked off (you can also check off credit cards if you’d like to offer that option too).

To see what the payment looks like for your Clients via Bank Transfers, check out this link here.

Supported Banks

These are the banks supported for Bank Transfers via WePay (instant verification only):