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Can I Import Expenses?

If you’re not a fan of manual entry, or you’d like to bring in existing Expenses from elsewhere, you can bring expenses into FreshBooks using a .csv file or .qbo file.

With the import you can specify the date, amount, vendor, and note you would like each expense to be created under.

To save time, we recommend you categorize your Expenses on the .csv or .qbo file before importing it in. You can use FreshBooks’ main categories and subcategories as a reference guide.

  1. Go to the Expenses tab
  2. Click on the File Import sub-tab
  3. File import page with options.
  4. Take a look at the sample file and format your list of expenses accordingly:
  5. Expenses_format
  6. Choose the file from your hard drive
  7. Choose how you want the date formatted
  8. Choose if the amounts in your file show negative or positive values
  9. Upload the file, sit back and watch your Expenses organize themselves!

My CSV file won’t import, what can I do?

CSV files require specific formatting in order to import successfully. Below are some tips on how to fix common issues:

  • Your Expense file cannot have both positive and negative Expenses. Make sure it is formatted to be either all positive or all negative, and be sure to specify your method of choice on the import page
  • Be sure to use the exact format of the sample CSV provided
  • Ensure the CSV file is saved as a true CSV file
  • There is a limit of 500 rows in the file per import. If you have more than 500 rows, you can break them up and import them in as separate files.
  • The file import supports a number of different date formats. If your file import doesn’t work, check the format you selected, and ensure it is formatted correctly on the file.
  • The format of the column Amount on the CSV file should be set to General instead of Number or Currency (double-check by right-clicking over the cell in this column, and select Format Cells)