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Does FreshBooks offer a Referral or Affiliate program?

  • FreshBooks Referral Program
  • FreshBooks Affiliate Program

  • FreshBooks Referral Program

    This program allows those who share FreshBooks with others to earn a free month of service for each person who signs up for a paid FreshBooks account. By recommending FreshBooks through this program, the person they invite also receives a free month of FreshBooks, on top of the 30 day free trial. It’s a win-win.

    Getting Started

    Referring is a snap. You can access it two ways:

    1. Click on the “Recommend FreshBooks” tab on your Account Overview (Home) page.
    2. Click on the “Recommend” button in the top right navigation bar. This bar appears on all pages of your FreshBooks account and is ready to use whenever you feel like sharing FreshBooks with someone else.

    I didn’t receive an email about this better way to recommend FreshBooks – I have a different program in my system, can I still be eligible?

    Absolutely. If you want to have the updated program turned on in your account please contact our Support team at or by calling 1-866-303-6061. Any of our Support Rockstars would be happy to enable to the updated program in your account.

    How many people can I invite to try FreshBooks?

    As many as you’d like! Invite anyone who you think could use a helping hand in keeping their business organized and looking professional. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to try FreshBooks. There is a limit however in the number of free months you can earn; the number of free months anyone can earn is capped at six .

    How exactly are free months earned?

    Free months are earned when you invite someone to try FreshBooks (who is not already using FreshBooks) and they try it out by clicking your unique recommendation link. You can find your recommendation link on the Recommend FreshBooks page. Each person you invite who upgrades to a paid account with FreshBooks by clicking this link will earn you a free month of service (up to a maximum of 6 months). By signing up for FreshBooks using your link, the people you invite will also receive a free month of service when they choose to upgrade their account.


    How can I track the free months I’ve earned?

    Free months earned and redeemed are tracked right in your account. Simply login and click either the Recommend button (top right navigation bar) or Recommend FreshBooks button (in the sub-navigation on your Account Overview page). You’ll be able to see who you’ve invited, how many months you’ve earned and how many months have been automatically redeemed against your subscription fee. We’ll also send you an email confirmation when a free month credit has been applied.


    Do I need to do anything to redeem my free months?

    No. Free months earned are automatically applied to your account. FreshBooks will track the free months you’ve earned and then, each time you are charged for your FreshBooks subscription, we’ll credit your account automatically (up to $39.95/month). Free months will be applied to your account within 24-72 hours. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the free month has been credited, and you’ll be able to view the free months that have been credited from the My Account page.

    I have an annual subscription – can I still participate?

    Sure! Customers on an annual subscription will receive their free months as a credit equal to their yearly subscription sub-divided into twelve (12) monthly amounts. Annual subscribers will therefore receive 1/12 of their annual fee credited each month for every free month they have earned.

    I am a free user – how do I earn free months?

    As a free user you can bank free months for each customer who starts a trial using your recommendation link (up to a total of 6). These months are banked and, when you choose to upgrade your account at a future time, they will be applied to your monthly subscription. This could mean free FreshBooks for a total of 6 months, with all the benefits of a paid package.

    Is there a limit to what a free month is worth?

    Yes. Free months are capped at a value of $39.95 per month + applicable taxes. This represents our highest monthly subscription package – the Mighty Oak. If you pay above $39.95 you will be responsible for paying the difference each month once the maximum free month credit amount of $39.95 has been applied.

    What if I upgrade or downgrade my package? What do I receive as a free month?

    Free months are calculated based on the amount you’re paying at the time of your recommendation.

    Me and a colleague of mine both referred the same person – who gets the credit for the new trial?

    This is a first come, first served type program. Unfortunately, only the first recommendation link used will be the one that triggers the free month.

    Where can I read the fine print?

    Please review FreshBooks’ Standard Terms and Conditions, which can be reviewed here.

    FreshBooks Affiliate Program

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