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How can I see emails that FreshBooks sends out for me?

FreshBooks sends out emails on your behalf with your reply-to address on it. All sent emails by FreshBooks is stored in your account, dating back 150 days. Emails older than 150 days are purged. To access your sent emails, do the following:

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Go to the Sent Emails sub-tab. You will see a list of all emails that your FreshBooks account has sent out to your Clients
  3. Click on thedate link in blue to open up and read the email.

Note: If you open up any email with a link to the invoice, keep in mind that the link contains temporary cookies that allow your clients to bypass the login page to view the invoice. Opening the link will log you in as a client, and you can log out after with the steps here to log back in as an administrator.