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How can I migrate all my expenses with the old categories to the new tax-ready expense categories?

Recently, FreshBooks made organizing your expenses easier by providing all accounts with tax-friendly categories: expense categories that are commonly found on tax forms for claiming your business expenses.

If you have a bunch of expenses that used an old category and you want to update them so that they use the new tax-friendly categories, just follow these steps to batch edit your expenses:

1. Click on the Search button on the upper right of the Expenses page

2. Search for a category that you used previously to get a list of expenses with that category name

3. If you have multiple pages of results, click on the link at the bottom that says “all x pages” to get all expenses listed on one page.

4. Hit the checkbox on the upper left of the page to select all the expenses on the page.

5. Hit the gray “Edit” button and select the “Edit Category” option

6. Select one of the new tax-friendly categories from the dropdown

7. Click “Save”

8. You are done! Just repeat the steps for your previous expense categories, and you will be all organized during tax time