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How do I rebill Expenses?

Sometimes as a business owner, you may incur Expenses on behalf a Client that you’d like to bill back to them. Rebilling Expenses in FreshBooks is as simple as assigning it to a Client, optionally including the receipt image, and then adding it to an Invoice.

Assigning Expenses to a Client

  1. Head to the Expenses tab
  2. Click on the New Expense button, or the edit link on an existing Expense
  3. After you’ve specified the details like Amount, Date, Vendor, Category and Notes, check off Assign to Client
  4. Assign to client box checked off.
  5. Choose your Client from the dropdown, and a project (optional)
  6. Click the Save Expense button and you’re done.

Rebilling the Expense

Invoice from the Expenses Tab

You can only Invoice Expenses that are assigned to Clients (as long as they haven’t been Invoiced already). You’ll notice the red “unbilled” status for any assigned Expenses that have yet to be Invoiced:

Convert to invoice button on Expenses section.
  1. Go to the Expenses tab
  2. Check the box(es) next to the Expense(s) you want to Invoice
  3. Click on Convert to Invoice at the top of the table
  4. This will generate a new Invoice for that Client with the Expense(s) added as a line Item. From here, you can change any of the Expense details – the Description, and even the Unit Cost if you wish to add a mark up.


  • If you save/send the Invoice, the status of your Expense will change to “Invoiced
  • If that Invoice gets paid, the status of your Expense will change to “Recouped“.
  • Rebilled expense as a line item on an invoice.
Attaching Expenses on a New or Existing Invoice

If you create a new Invoice or edit an existing Invoice, you can still add Expenses to it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Click on the edit link next to the Invoice you want to edit, or create a new Invoice with the + New Invoicebutton
  3. Ensure a Client is selected first
  4. If there are any unbilled Expenses for this Client, you’ll see a highlighted note under the address indicating “This Client has unbilled Expenses”
  5. Click on the Add all items link, or you can click on Choose items to add if you want to specify which ones to include
  6. Highlighted note indicating unbilled expenses to add to invoice.
  7. The Expense(s) will then be added as a line Item. From here, you can change any of the Expense details – the Description, and even the Unit Cost if you wish to add a mark up.

Generating an Invoice from Tracked Time with Expenses

If you’re generating an Invoice from Tracked Time, you can also choose to include any Expenses that have been assigned to the Client (Project). Just use these steps:

Page to generate an invoice with unbilled expenses on it.

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. Click on the Generate Invoice sub-tab
  3. Choose a Client and any Project(s) you want to Invoice
  4. Choose your preferred format for the time entries
  5. Click the button next to All unbilled Expenses for this Client
  6. Then click the Create Invoice button and all unbilled time and Expenses for this Client will automatically be pulled onto the Invoice for you.