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How do I rebill Expenses?

There are a few different ways you can rebill Expenses so you can attach them onto Invoices. It all depends on how you work, but we’ve got you covered from every angle!

First you’ll need to assign Expenses to a Client, then you can rebill the Client for that Expense.

Assigning Expenses to a Client


  1. Head to the Expenses tab
  2. Click on the New Expense button, or the edit link on an existing Expense
  3. After you’ve specified the details like Amount, Date, Vendor, Category and Notes, check off Assign to Client
  4. Choose your Client from the dropdown, and a project (optional)
  5. Click the Save Expense button and you’re done.

Rebilling the Expense onto an Invoice

You can rebill the Expense from the Expenses tab, or from the Invoices tab.

Creating an invoice from the Expenses tab

You can only Invoice Expenses that are assigned to Clients (as long as they haven’t been Invoiced already). You’ll notice the red “unbilled” status for any assigned Expenses that have yet to be Invoiced:


  1. Go to the Expenses tab
  2. Check the box next to the Expense you want to Invoice
  3. Click on Convert to Invoice at the top of the table
  4. This will generate a new Invoice for that Client with the Expense added as a line Item. From here, you can change any of the Expense details - the Name, Description, and even the Unit Cost if you wish to make this up.


  • If you save/send the Invoice, the status of your Expense will change to “Invoiced
  • If that Invoice gets paid, the status of your Expense will change to “Recouped”.


Attaching an Expense on an Invoice you have already created

If you have already created an Invoice, you can still add Expenses to it. Here is what you’ll see:


  • Notice how there is a highlighted note under the Address: “This Client has unbilled Expenses”
  • You can choose which Expenses you want to add if you have more than one, or simply clickAdd all Items
  • The Expenses will be added to the Invoice like so. Again, you’re able to change any info - the Name, Description, or Unit Cost if you wish to mark up the Expense (your reports will show profit accordingly):


Attach Expenses onto Invoices when generating from Time Tracking (Projects)

If you’re generating an Invoice from Tracked Time, you can also choose to include any Expenses that have been assigned to the Client (Project)


  1. Go toTime Tracking tab and click on the Generate Invoice sub-tab
  2. Choose a Client and any Project(s) you want to Invoice
  3. Notice that you can choose to include all unbilled Expenses orExpenses to addassociated with selected Projects!