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How do I change the Invoice Number?

You can change the Invoice number by editing the Invoice Number field while creating or editing an Invoice. The Invoice Number is alphanumerical, so you can use both letters and numbers.

In new accounts, the invoice number is automatically 0000001 by default.

  • Your account will automatically remember the last Invoice number you used, and automatically increment it +1 on your next Invoice.

    For example, if your Invoice is numbered FB002017-394 and you’ve saved this Invoice, your next Invoice Number will automatically be FB002017-395.

  • The same Invoice Number can’t be used twice (regardless of whether the Invoice itself is active, archived or deleted). If you want to re-use an old Invoice Number, steps are below:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. If the Invoice is active or archived, find it and click on the edit link. Then you can change the number to something else (to free up the original number)
  3. If the Invoice is deleted, click on the deleted link in the bottom right corner
  4. Check the box off next to the Invoice and click on the Un-delete button
  5. Click to the Invoices tab again, and edit the newly restored Invoice
  6. Change the number to something else to free up the original number
  7. Click Save to finish
  8. Then delete the original Invoice if you no longer want to keep it, by checking the box off and clicking on the Delete button.