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How do I create a Project?

In FreshBooks, Projects are assigned to individual Clients. You and your Staff can log hours against these Projects and you can then quickly and easily Invoice your Clients for that time.

To create a Project:

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. Click on the Projects subtab
  3. Click on the + New Project button
  4. New project button.
  5. Fill out the Project information:
  6. New project page with blank fields to fill out.
    • Project Name: Give the Project a title, ideally something that is recognizable to your Client
    • Client: Select the Client you’ll be billing
    • Project Manager: If you have Staff in your account, you may wish to make one of them the Project Manager. The Project Manager can generate Invoices, edit Project details and view Timesheets
    • Billing Method: This is how you intend on billing for this Project. If you’re unsure, check out this article
    • Time Estimate: Not essential, but if you want to keep track of your progress against your estimate, you can enter something here
    • Assigned Tasks: Add any Tasks you’ll be logging hours against for this Project
    • Team Members: If any of your Staff will be working on this Project, add them to it here

    When you’re done creating your Project, click Save to finish.

    Now you’re ready to track time! Check out this article for a walkthrough.


    What happens when I archive a Project?

    • When you archive a Project, you will not be able to track time towards it
    • The Project will not appear in any dropdown menus on your Timesheet
    • You will be able to run Reports for the archived Project
    • Make sure you generate an Invoice before archiving a Project. Once it’s archived, you won’t be able to create an Invoice
    • If you archive a Project that has a Contractor assigned to it, the Contractor can still log hours to that Project from their own account. You’ll need to delete the Project (or unassign the Contractor from it) if you no longer want that to be accessible