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How do I create Clients?

Clients are an important feature for business owners using FreshBooks. Below is a detailed guide that shows you how to add a new Client as well as what kind of information you can also include. The only required field for a Client is their email address, all the other steps listed here are optional.

Adding A New Client


To add a new Client:

  1. Head to the People tab
  2. Click on the New Client button
  • Organization Name - Give your Client an Organization Name. This can be their company name, their First/Last Name, or anything you want to label your Client as. The Organization Name will appear on Invoices
  • Currency & Language - Using the little buttons, you can choose a currency and language for your Client
  • Late Payment Reminders & Late Fees - you can choose to enable these for this particular Client.

If you don’t see the Reminders button, you can turn it on using these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Emails
  3. and click edit next to Late Payment Notification Emails to enable them.

If you don’t see the Late Fees button, you can turn it on using these steps. Note: Late Fees are only available on paid accounts:

  1. Go to Invoices
  2. Click on the New Invoice button OR edit link next to an Invoice
  3. Scroll to Terms field at the bottom of the Invoice, then click on the Set Default Terms link
  4. Click on the Late Payment Fees tab and check the box to enable.

This is where you also indicate whether that Client should be Invoiced by email or by snail mail on default. You can check off both or only one, whichever you prefer.

You can then choose how your Client prefers to receives their Invoices – either by email or Snail Mail (regular mail).

  • Email Address - Enter an email address for your Client. This is a required field. If your Client doesn’t use email, you can enter something like ‘’ as a place holder
  • First & Last Name - Enter a first and last name for your Client. This name will appear on Invoices under the Organization Name
  • Client Login Credentials - This is optional, but you can choose to assign a username and password to your Client. Your Client does not require a username/password to see their invoices from you. Assigning credentials allows them to check up on their records by logging in manually to their “Client View” of your FreshBooks account without receiving an email from you
  • Multiple Contacts - You can also add multiple contacts associated with one Client organization (for example, a CEO and an accountant). Click the little “Add another Contact” link with a (+) symbol. You can enter a new email address, and first/last name for as many contacts as you wish. When you send Invoices to many contacts for one Client, their own name will appear on the Invoice that they receive.
  • Mailing Address - Enter your Client’s mailing address
  • Tax Name & Number - Depending on your Client’s country, you may see two new fields appear - Tax Name and Tax Number. These are optional, but useful if your Client has their own Tax Name/Number. This will appear on their Invoices as well
  • Internal Notes - Enter any special information for your internal records about the Client in the Internal Notes section. They will not be able to see this information, and you can use it your advantage to filter through your massive list of Clients at a later date
  • Click Save and you’re now ready to Invoice your Client!