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How do I enable Authorize.Net on my Invoices?

Authorize.Net is one of our payment gateway options to allow you to accept credit card payments online. Authorize.Net is ideal for those who are looking to process large quantities of payments, work with international payments, as well as accepting bank transfer payments.

For more information on Authorize.Net, including setting up an Authorize.Net account, click here.


Note: To ensure your payments are processed correctly, we also recommend disabling Authorize.Net’s Advanced Fraud Detection Suite. Otherwise, the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite can cause credit card transactions to be incorrectly marked as paid before payment is processed.


To enable Authorize.Net on your account (with a set up Authorize.Net account), use these below steps:

  1. Ensure your Authorize.Net account is a Card Not Present account first (see here for more info)
  2. Click on the Settings link at the top right hand corner
  3. Head over to the Accept Credit Cards sub-tab
  4. Click on the Other Payment Gateways link if you don’t see Authorize.Net on the list
  5. Other payment gateways link.
  6. Make sure you have read the link provided before connecting
  7. When you’re ready, click on Activate Authorize.Net
  8. Activate Authorize.Net link.
  9. Put in your API Login ID and your Transaction Key (or if you don’t know it, use the steps from Authorize.Net here)
  10. Authorize.Net pop-up with fields for login ID and key.
  11. Check off Credit Card Enabled if you’d like to process credit card payments with Authorize.Net
  12. You can also check off ACH Enabled if you’d like to process bank transfers with Authorize.Net as well
  13. Click Save to finish.

Then to set it up on an Invoice, all you have to do is check off the box next to Authorize.Net in the Accept Credit Cards section to accept payments with it.

Checkbox to enable Authorize.Net on an Invoice.


Common Authorize.Net Errors:

“This transaction cannot be accepted/processed.”

Your Authorize.Net account is having issues integrating with FreshBooks. You’ll need to reset your transaction key in Authorize.Net and update it in your FreshBooks account with the steps from Authorize.Net’s page here.

Make sure to update it in FreshBooks after you’ve reset the key:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Accept Credit Cards sub-tab
  3. Click Manage next to Authorize.Net to bring up the pop-up box
  4. Enter your updated login ID and key
  5. Click Save to submit the changes.


Declined Payments

If you keep getting declined payments after connecting to Authorize.Net, you may have a Card Present account instead of a Card Not Present account. You can verify with the steps outlined here.