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How do I generate an Invoice from tracked time?

In FreshBooks, you and your team can track your time to Projects. Those Projects are assigned to individual Clients, and you can Invoice your Clients easily based on that tracked time by generating an Invoice with time entries on it.

Before generating an Invoice, be sure your Project has the correct billing rate set.

  1. Go the Time Tracking tab
  2. Then click on the Generate Invoice sub-tab
  3. Generate Invoice page with settings.
  4. Choose a Date Range that you want to Invoice for – this is particularly useful for those long Projects. If this field is left blank, all Unbilled hours for selected Project(s) will be Invoiced
  5. Pick the Client you want to Invoice from the dropdown menu
  6. Pick the Project(s) you want to Invoice. You can select as many/as few Projects as you wish for that Client
  7. Choose how you want the time entries to be formatted (displayed) on your Invoice – you can select Detailed, Grouped, or Single Line
  8. Use the checkboxes to determine which information is presented to your Clients. This information will appear in the ‘Time Entry Notes’ section of the Invoice
  9. Choose to include any Unbilled Expenses on the Invoice
  10. Click Create Invoice and an Invoice will be generated for you
  11. From here, you can continue with putting together your Invoice before sending it to your Client.