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How do multiple currencies work in FreshBooks?

When you create your FreshBooks account, you also select a currency. This is your default currency for all invoices you create. If you need to create an invoice or estimate in a currency that is different from your default, you can assign your desired currency directly on the invoice or estimate.

To modify your default currency, go to “Settings” in the top-right hand corner of the page, select a new currency in the dropdown menu next to “Base Currency”, and hit Save at the bottom.

If you make an invoice made out in a currency other than your base currency, the option to “Apply Exchange Rate” will also appear at the bottom of the invoice rows, which will allow you to convert all the line items into the currency you specified for the invoice. This screenshot below illustrates how to change the currency on individual invoices, and where the apply exchange rate button appears:

Note: If your business does a meaningful amount of business in more than one currency, you may want to consider creating a unique FreshBooks account for each of these currencies. The advantage of this approach is that all of your reporting will roll up cleanly with one currency.