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How do Staff Permissions work?

Are you using the all-new FreshBooks? Learn more about the new team permissions here.

Any tabs selected for Staff in the Permissions sub-tab under Settings (or as outlined here) will apply to all Staff.


You can assign each Staff to some or all Clients. This also affects your Staff’s ability to create Invoices and/or Expenses for particular/all Clients.

This is useful if your Staff work with certain Clients, or if you haven’t assigned all Clients to a Staff yet. Steps are below:

  1. Ensure Staff have access to Clients in the Permissions sub-tab under Settings first
  2. Go to the People tab
  3. Click on the Assign Clients sub-tab
  4. Select a Staff from the dropdown, and choose to either assign individual Clients to that staff, or check the box off at the top of the list to check off all Clients
  5. List of clients with boxes to check off to assign to staff.
  6. Click Save to finish
  7. Repeat steps 3-4 for each Staff.



Staff can create Expenses and assign them to Clients that the Staff is also assigned to. Expenses entered by a Staff member will show up on the list with their name written under the date of that Expense.

To enable this, follow the below steps:

  1. Ensure Staff have access to Clients and Expenses in the Permissions sub-tab under Settings first
  2. Then ensure Staff have been assigned to some or all Clients with the Client steps above. That’s it.

Note that Staff can see Expenses that they’ve added themselves, and Expenses assigned to Clients that they have access to.

Staff do not see unassigned expenses added by the Administrator, but can see Expenses logged by other Staff that share the same assigned Clients.


Extra Permissions

These are found in the Permissions sub-tab under Settings

  • Project Access: Your Staff will be able to create and manage Projects, as well as view Project related Reports (if the Reports tab is enabled)
  • Send Invoices, Estimates and Credits: Your Staff will be able to send these directly to your Clients
  • Client Management: Newly created Clients will be visible to all Staff, and newly created Staff will be able to view Clients. The Assign Clients page (under the People tab in your account) will allow you to adjust your Staff’s individual Client access
  • Ticket Administration: This only refers to the Support section of FreshBooks (which is disabled by default). If enabled, Staff members will be able to view and update all support tickets associated to Clients they are assigned to


Project Manager

A Staff can be assigned as a Project Manager for extra Permissions above other Staff. As a Project Manager, they can do the following (just like the administrator can):

  • Generate Invoices from tracked time on the administrator’s behalf
  • View other Staff’s and Contractors’ timesheets

You can add a Staff as a Project Manager (or update it to a different Staff) with these steps:

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. Click on the Projects sub-tab
  3. Click edit next to the Project you want to modify
  4. Under the Client dropdown is a Project Manager dropdown. Select your Staff that you want to assign as a Project Manager
  5. Project details with a drop-down to select user as project manager.
  6. Click Save at the bottom to finish.