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Why can’t I access anything in my Account?

If you’ve logged in and your page looks different from how you remember, it’s likely that you accidentally logged in as a Client or used Staff credentials.

This usually occurs if you click on any link from a sent email from your FreshBooks account for a test Invoice/Estimate or for a real Client’s Invoice/Estimate. The link includes cookies that allow the Client to bypass the login screen to see the Invoice/Estimate from you, taking them to a Client-only preview.

If you have Staff login credentials, you may have accidentally logged in using them instead of your administrative login credentials.

You can verify this by spotting a few differences that confirm you are logged in as a Client or a Staff.

  • At the top right corner, you only see Profile and Logout
  • Several tabs are missing (e.g., Expenses, Time Tracking, Reports) depending on your Client’s or Staff’s permissions.

To fix this, click on the Logout button and re-log in again with your administrator credentials. You should now see My Account, Settings and Logout at the top right corner, along with all of your tabs.