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Why can’t I access anything in my Account?

If you’ve logged in and your page looks different, your buttons are missing and you find your data is gone, it’s likely that you accidentally logged in as a Client or used Staff credentials.

This usually occurs if you click on any link from a sent email from your FreshBooks account for a test Invoice/Estimate or for a real Client’s Invoice/Estimate. The link includes cookies that allow the Client to bypass the login screen to see the Invoice/Estimate from you, taking them to a Client-only preview.

If you have Staff login credentials, you may have accidentally logged in using them instead of your administrative login credentials.

You can verify this by spotting a few differences that confirm you are logged in as a Client or a Staff.

Client view with profile and logout buttons only.
  • At the top right corner, you only see Profile and Logout
  • Several tabs are missing (e.g., Expenses, Time Tracking, Reports) depending on your Client’s or Staff’s permissions.

To fix this, click on the Logout button and re-log in again with your administrator credentials. You should now see My Account, Settings and Logout at the top right corner, along with all of your tabs.

Admin view with recommend, my account, settings, help and log out buttons.