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How do I make an Invoice?

FreshBooks makes sending online invoices easy.

First you’ll need to create a Client within your FreshBooks account. This is the Customer you’ll be sending Invoices to. If you need a hand creating a Client, you can take a look at the steps here.

You can also create a Client while creating an Invoice. Just head to the Invoices tab in your FreshBooks account, then click on ‘New Invoice’:


This is the page you’ll see:


Select the Client you want to send this Invoice to. Notice there is a [new Client] option as well - you’re able to create the Client from this screen if they’re not already in your system:


You’re also able to change the Invoice Number, change the Date of Issue, and add a PO Number from here. If you would like to accept online payments through Credit Card, you can enable this by selecting any of the options next to Accept Online Payments.

Next step, let’s add some things to this Invoice! If you already have created Items in your FreshBooks account, clicking in the Item field will show you a list. If not, just select + New Item. In this example, we’ll be Invoicing Batman for some weekly cape cleaning:


Now we can add some payment Terms to the Invoice. Click on ‘Set Default Terms’ to the bottom left, and you can add terms which will apply to all future Invoices:


If you want to add a note to the Invoice, you can do so in the ‘Notes Visible to Client’ field. A lot of times a nice personalized message can help you get paid faster!


At the bottom of the page there are some sending options - Send by Email, Send by Snail Mail, or Save as Draft. Snail Mail is our very own regular mail service, Saving as a Draft would indicate that you haven’t quite finished working on the Invoice, and Send by Email will do exactly that. Choose whichever option best suits you and your Client here. In this example, I’ve chosen to send this Invoice to Batman by Email:


Now if we look back at your Invoice tab, you’ll see the Invoice you just sent, with a ‘Sent’ status. When Batman opens this Invoice, it will automatically adjust the status to ‘Viewed’:


And that’s it! Congratulations on sending your Invoice. Time to get paid!