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How do I create an Invoice?

Invoices allow you to bill a Client for your products and/or services, and help you keep track of your income in FreshBooks. You can also check out our blog post here for making the best possible Invoices to ensure you get paid for your hard work on time.

Create an Invoice

Follow these steps to create your Invoice:

  1. Click on the Invoice tab
  2. Click on the + New Invoice button
  3. New invoice button.

Each section of the Invoice is broken down into detail below:

New invoice with blank fields to fill in.
  • Client – Choose a Client to send the Invoice to
  • Invoice Number – This is automatically incremented for you +1. You can change it here if needed (also alphanumeric)
  • Date of Issue – Date of the Invoice
  • PO Number – If you have a PO that you’d like to reference, you can include the number here
  • Accept Online Payments– If you have any payment gateways enabled, you can check the box off here on the Invoice for your Client to pay online
  • Tasks and Items – Enter any services and products you are billing the Client for
  • Add a Discount – Click on this link to add a percentage based discount as needed
  • Terms – This is automatically populated for you with the text inside the Default Terms if there are any. Otherwise, you can add your own details like standard payment terms
  • Notes Visible to Client – Add a summary or details here (like a thank you note)

When you’re finished with your Invoice, you can either Save as a Draft, Send by Email, or Send as Snail Mail (available only on certain accounts).

Additional Settings

These settings apply to the Client and can be customized while on the Invoice:

Additional settings via buttons under the client's name on an invoice.
  • Currency – The default currency for this Client. Click on this to change the Invoice’s currency
  • English – The default language for this Client’s Invoices and Estimates. Click to change the Invoice to one of our supported languages (full list here)
  • Reminders – Sends an email reminder for this Invoice if enabled (more details here)
  • Late Fees – Adds a late fee (calculated either as a flat amount or as a percentage) to the Invoice if enabled (more details here)


Invoices can have different statuses depending on what kind of activity has taken place. A legend is always available to you at the bottom of your list of Invoices in the Invoices tab. The full list is below:

  • Draft – Invoice created, but Client has not been notified yet. Your Client will not see this invoice if they log in
  • Sent– Client has been notified (if Sent by Email). When Client is logged in, Invoice will be visible for printing and payment
  • Viewed – Client has viewed this Invoice, but has not made any payments
  • Disputed – Client has disputed this Invoice. Click on this Invoice to view their comments
  • Paid – Invoice has been paid by either Client online or manually by you
  • Partial – Invoice has been partially paid. Hover over the status to see amount outstanding
  • Draft & Partial – Invoice is created and partial payment applied. Client has no access to Invoice
  • Partial Deposit – Client has partially paid this Deposit
  • Deposit Paid – Deposit has been paid in full by online or manual payment
  • Pending – Client has submitted online payment, but is being reviewed by the payment gateway first
  • Declined – Client attempted to pay online but was declined
  • Auto-Paid – Invoice is paid with an Auto-Billing Recurring Profile (with a saved credit card)
  • Retry – The transaction for this Auto-Bill has failed and is being retried. You can Retry again after 24 hours
  • Failed – The transaction for this Auto-Bill has failed twice and will not be automatically retried. You can click on this link to retry the payment in the next 24 hours
  • Yellow highlight – This Invoice was sent by Snail Mail


How do I view the autobiography or activity of an Invoice?

Click on any Invoice link from within the Invoices sub-tab.

Invoice number link to click on.

Scroll down and you’ll see the activity of this Invoice. This is helpful if you’d like to know the timeline of when an Invoice was Viewed, or when it was Paid.

Autobiography of an invoice's activity.

How do I add or edit my Default Terms?

Default Terms are remembered for any new Invoices you create. To create one or edit existing Default Terms, use these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Click edit next to any existing Invoice, or create a new one with the + New Invoice button
  3. Scroll to the bottom to the Terms box and click on the Set Default Terms link
  4. Set default terms link on invoice.
  5. Enter your Terms, and click Save to finish.
  6. Default terms box for invoices.

Can I copy my Invoice?

It’s easy to duplicate your Invoice – just follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices tab
  2. Check the box off next to the Invoice you want to copy
  3. Click on the Copy button above the list
  4. A copy will be made of the Invoice, and you can then continue editing this newly copied Invoice.