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My FreshBooks emails ends up in my client’s junk mail. What can I do?

SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, is a way to publish a list of what mail servers are permitted to originate mail for a domain. The idea behind SPF is that if a spammer or malicious person forges your domain (a joe-job), the recipients can detect that the messages were forged and reject the mail, saving you from having to receive all the bounces, complaints, and retribution that you’d otherwise get.

Since FreshBooks sends mail on our users’ behalf from your email domains, it is a good idea to include FreshBooks in your SPF record. SPF allows you to include the contents of someone else’s record in your own with the include: directive, essentially saying “we trust this other organization’s list of mail servers”, and FreshBooks is now publishing an SPF record which you can include in your own.

To use it, add

to your SPF record.

With that, you’ve told anyone checking your SPF record that you trust FreshBooks’ own list of our mail servers, which we’ll always keep up to date with all of the hosts from which your mail may originate, and your customers who check your SPF record will know that mail FreshBooks sends on your behalf is legitimate.