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Online Payments – Do online payments work with multiple currencies?

If you have invoiced someone in a currency that is different from your default currency, then you CANNOT enable online payments. Most payment gateways will not work with a different currency and will process the sale as if it was your default currency. This is not something FreshBooks can control and is up to your payment gateway.

There are a couple of exceptions.

PayPal does recognize most currency types, but it is always best to check that they handle the currency of your invoice before enabling online payments. You can check out the currencies they handle here.

Stripe will also allow you to charge in multiple currencies, although the available currencies can differ depending on your country. You can take a look at which currencies Stripe recognizes here. If Stripe needs to convert the funds before depositing to your bank account, they will charge an additional 2% conversion fee on top of the exchange rate.