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What are PayPal Business Payments?

PayPal Business Payments is a PayPal pilot program for the United States and PayPal may change the pricing down the road.

What are PayPal Business Payments?

PayPal Business Payments provides a way for your business to process transactions for a small, flat fee of $0.50, instead of their usual percentage-based fees.

Here are the details:
  1. Only US accounts to US clients
  2. Valid only for bank or PayPal balance transfers only (no credit cards)
  3. Client must have a PayPal account
  4. Available for USD only

PayPal Standard vs Business Payments

Activating PayPal Business Payments for an Invoice

If you already have your PayPal account connected to FreshBooks, when creating a new Invoice or editing an existing Invoice for a Client, simply click the Business Payments button on the right side and then click on the green Save or Send button at the bottom of the screen if you are ready to send the Invoice to your Client.

Enable PayPal Business Payments

Important: Please note that any goods or services sold on an Invoice using FreshBooks are not eligible for PayPal Seller Protection. To learn more about PayPal Seller Protection, please follow this link.