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Receiving Invoices from FreshBooks users

When a FreshBooks user sends you an Invoice, you can store that in your account under the Received section of the Invoices tab. You can then easily convert that Invoice to an Expense. Note: Pop-up blockers can prevent the dialog box from appearing. If you are experiencing issues with the later steps, try using Incognito (or another private browser window with pop-ups disabled.

Setting up the Connection

When you first receive the Invoice from another FreshBooks user you will be asked if you want to receive the Invoice in your own FreshBooks account:


Clicking “Yes please” will bring up this pop-up:


When you click on ‘Finish’, this and all future Invoices from this FreshBooks account will appear in your Received Invoices section. You will see the success message like this one:


Converting a Received Invoice to an Expense

Once you’ve successfully received an Invoice in your account, you can easily convert this to an Expense.

Head to the Received tab under Invoices. You’ll see the button ‘expense’ on the right hand side.
Note: You can also put a checkmark next to the Invoice, and click the ‘Convert to Expense’ button.


You’ll then be taken to the Expenses tab, where you’re able to edit any of the information before adding the Expense:


Received Invoices Legend

This is another handy feature; the Received Invoices Legend. This will show you the status of your Received Invoices so it’s really easy to keep on top of what you’ve received!