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How do I customize my Emails?

Whenever you send an Invoice or Estimate by email for example, FreshBooks sends it for you on your behalf, which are composed with our default templates. You have the option of customizing these emails so that they are consistent with the branding and messaging of your business. You can also set up admin notifications to stay on top of your account’s activity.

To get to your Emails settings, use these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Emails sub-tab

Each section of the Emails sub-tab is broken down below:

Emails for your Clients & Staff

Emails for your clients and staff section.

Reply-To Address

This is the email address FreshBooks automatically put on all emails sent on your behalf. This is populated by the email specified in your Company Profile. If your Clients are having trouble receiving Invoices or Estimates from you, try checking common email issues here.


Each of these types of emails have templates that you can customize simply by clicking on the edit link next to it. You can also enable certain emails which are optional by checking off the box while editing:

  • New Invoice - For when your Clients receive an Invoice
  • Payment Notification - For when you’ve received payment from your Clients
    • Online Payments - When payment is made by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal (including auto-bills)
    • Other Payments - When payment is entered manually by you (check, cash, or other)
  • Late Payment Reminders - For when your Clients’ Invoices are past due, up to three reminders can be sent. These are not turned on by default. Steps to enable can be found here. This applies to all Clients, and can be turned on/off on a per-Client basis
  • Auto-Bill - For when your Clients receive an Invoice generated by a Recurring Profile
    • Recurring Invoice - When generated Invoices that are auto-bill capable are sent
    • Auto-paid - For auto-billing Invoices that are automatically paid
    • Card Expired - When the Client’s saved credit card is nearing expiration
    • Card Failed - When a generated Invoice has a failed auto-bill with the saved credit card
  • New Estimate - For when your Clients receives an Estimate
  • New Client - For when you create login credentials for a Client
  • New staff - For when a Staff is added to your account

You can also add Email Variables to your email templates to personalize it to each of your Clients. Just click on the Insert Email Variable button while editing a template to insert any of these variables:

Insert email variables button with options.
  • ::invoice number:: - Automatically populates the Invoice number in question
  • ::invoice link:: - Includes a link that brings your clients directly to the Invoice. This is highly recommended as your Clients do not require a username/password to view anything
  • ::payment amount:: - Specific to the Payment Notification emails - whatever amount the Client paid will populate here
  • ::amount owed:: - Amount owed on the Invoice. It will take into account any previous payments received, including deposits paid
  • ::company name:: - The Company Name of your business
  • ::client organization:: - Populates the Client’s Organization Name
  • ::first name:: & ::last name - Personalize messages by including your Client’s names in your emails

Subject Lines can be customized if you’ve upgraded your account to one of our paid plans.


For best results, we recommend leaving it set to HTML. Plain text is available as another option.

Email Signature

This appears at the bottom of all your emails sent out by FreshBooks and can be customized to fit your business’ personality and communication style.

Emails for You

Email notifications that can be sent to the admin.

Weekly Account Summary

You can enable this to receive a weekly report emailed to you containing a quick overview of any relevant activity in your account like Invoices made and payments collected.

Send Me an Email When:

You can set up emails that will notify you of specific activity. You can choose to enable all or some of these three notification options:

  • A payment is received - Whenever payment is added to an Invoice (both online and manual payments)
  • A late payment reminder emails is sent - Whenever a late payment reminder goes to your Client, you also get an email
  • An Invoice is sent by email or snail mail - Whenever you, a team member, the API or a Recurring Profile sends an Invoice, you automatically get an email

If you make any changes on this page, don’t forget to click on the green Save button after to finish.