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Settings -> Emails

This is the page where you can customize all of the emails that get sent by FreshBooks automatically.

The types of emails that FreshBooks sends out are all listed. You can customize these emails by clicking on the edit link or read the steps here.

  • New Invoice - This is the message that your Clients receive when you send them an Invoice
  • Payment notification - This is the message that your Clients get when you have received payment from them
  • Late payment reminders - These are the emails that get sent out to your Clients when their Invoices are past due. These are NOT turned on by default, so you need to turn them on yourself. There are 3 reminders that get sent out and you can customize each of them. These reminder messages are universal for all Clients, and can be turned on/off on a per-Client basis.
  • Client credit card expiry - This is the message that notifies your Clients that they need to update their credit card info. Their credit card on file for auto-billing is near its expiration date.
  • Client credit card failure - This is the message that notifies your Clients that their credit card set up for auto-billing failed to make a payment.
  • New Estimate - This is the message that your clients receive when you send them an estimate
  • New Client - This is the welcome message that gets sent to your Clients when you create them in FreshBooks
  • New staff - This is the welcome message that gets sent to your new Staff members when you create them in FreshBooks

You can set up emails that will notify you of specific activity. At the bottom of the page you will see choices to send yourself an email for 3 circumstances:

  • Receiving payment (online)
  • when late payment reminder emails are sent
  • when Invoices are sent by email or snail mail.
These emails are helpful especially when you have recurring profiles set up.

Here’s what it looks like to edit an actual email:


  • When you edit an email, make sure that the subject line appears the way you want it. Editing subject lines is not available on free accounts.
  • Use Email Variables (dynamic variables) so that the message you write is personalized for your Clients.

    • ::invoice number:: - Will automatically pull up the Invoice number in question.
    • ::invoice link:: - Will include a link that brings your clients directly to the Invoice. This is highly recommended as your Clients do not require a username/password to view anything.
    • ::payment amount:: - This is specific to the Payment Notification emails. Whatever amount the Client paid will show up.
    • ::amount owed:: - This is the amount owed on the Invoice. It will take into account any previous payments received, including deposits paid.
    • ::company name:: - This is the company name of YOUR business.
    • ::client organization:: - This will include the Client’s organization name.
    • ::first name:: & ::last name - Personalize messages by including your Client’s names in your emails.

Once your emails are customized, click “Save” and get ready to kick back and relax as FreshBooks handles your billing communications.