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How do I manage my Misc settings?

The Misc sub-tab allows you to make some useful tweaks to enhance your FreshBooks account and certain features like date format, branding, Recurring Invoices and welcome messages.

To get to your Misc settings, use these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the Misc sub-tab

Each section of the Misc sub-tab is broken down below:

Misc sub-tab with various options.


Lines Per Page

This determines how many lines will show within each list view in FreshBooks (e.g., Invoices, Estimates and Expenses, etc). You can set this to any number you would like up to 500, though the more lines you choose to load per page, the longer loading time.

Date Format

This is specifically for the date format that shows up on lists throughout the FreshBooks account. Invoices themselves will always be formatted as Month DD, YYYY.

Direct Links

Direct Links allow you to send your Clients links for their Invoices, Estimates, Credits and Account Statements via email by FreshBooks. These links include cookies that allow your Clients to bypass the login page automatically. This is enabled by default, and we recommend leaving it on so that your Clients do not need to log in every time.

FreshBooks Branding

This is enabled by default. Invoices, Estimates and Credits will have a small FreshBooks logo when viewing them.

FreshBooks branding on an invoice.

In addition, all emails from FreshBooks will also include the text “Sent using FreshBooks, #1 Cloud Accounting Solution Designed for Small Business Owners. Try it for free.” at the bottom.

Sample of branding on an email sent by FreshBooks.

This can be disabled (available to paid accounts only) if you’d like to remove the FreshBooks branding.

Request Reviews from Clients

Reviews are enabled by default. After work as been completed, you can easily request a review from your Clients which you can read more about here. You can uncheck to disable Reviews if you don’t want to request them.

Recurring Invoices

These settings affect your Recurring Profiles, which generate Invoices for you.

  • Send Automatically - This allows Invoices from a Recurring Profile to automatically be emailed immediately to your Client when generated. Disabling this feature will not prevent credit card charges when auto-billing is enabled on the Profile.
  • Apply Credit Automatically - When a Recurring Profile generates an Invoice, this allows any available Credit for that particular Client to be automatically applied as payment.

Welcome Messages

You can customize your greeting messages for your Clients and Staff, which will appear at the top of their home page after logging into your account.


This section applies to the Documents sub-tab which you can read more about here. For both Default Client Access and Default Staff Access settings, you can choose from these dropdowns:

  • None - Manually grant access to folders to a Client and/or Staff
  • Read - New Clients and/or Staff have read-only access to all Documents
  • Read/Write - New Clients and/or Staff have both read and write access to all Documents


This section applies to the Support sub-tab which you can read more about here. Time Increments allow you to track time to the nearest increments when logging time on Support Tickets specifically.