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How do I manage Permissions?

Permissions allow you adjust how much access your team members get to your account, as well as what your Clients can see.

You can go to the Permissions area with these steps:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on the Permissions sub-tab

Each section is explained in detail below:

Permissions area in the Settings tab.

Administrator Tabs

All tabs you see is for you as an Admin. If there are certain features you don’t use (like Support or Documents), you can uncheck the box and click Save after. Then your account will no longer display those tabs.

The People, Invoices and Reports tab are always enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Staff Tabs

If your Staff only need certain features in their accounts, you can enable/disable them here.

For details on how to make the most of your Staff’s Permissions, check our Staff-specific article here.

Additional options for Staff include:

  • Project Access: Your Staff will be able to create and manage Projects, as well as view Project related Reports (if the Reports tab is enabled)
  • Send Invoices, Estimates and Credits: Your Staff will be able to send these directly to your Clients on your behalf
  • Client Management: Newly created Clients will be visible to all Staff, and newly created Staff will be able to view Clients. To assign specific Staff to Clients or vice versa, check out details here.
  • Ticket Administration: This only refers to the Support section of FreshBooks (which is disabled by default). If enabled, Staff will be able to view and update all support tickets associated to Clients they are assigned to

Client Tabs

You can choose what tabs are visible to your Clients by checking/unchecking the boxes and clicking Save. We recommend leaving Invoices and enabled so that your Clients have permission to view their Invoices and Estimates from you.

Additional options for Clients include:

  • Dispute Invoices: If enabled, this will allow your Clients to dispute their Invoices and leave detailed comments
  • Document Administration: This only refers to the Documents section (disabled by default). If enabled, Clients can create new folders within the Documents section