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What are Projects?

Projects in FreshBooks is your key to tracking your time! Create a project for your client and it will help you keep track of all the time you have spent on a repair job, the next great website, or a legal case ! If you have staff members or contractors that are helping you out with a project, you can invite them to the project and they will also have the ability to track time to the tasks associated with the project.

When setting up a project, you will need to select a billing method and there are four options:

  • Hourly Task Rate

  • Flat Project Amount

  • Hourly Project Rate

  • Hourly Staff Rate

You can also associate expenses to a project to help you find out how much money you are going to make from a project.

The best part about projects is how easy it is to invoice all your hard work to get paid. Within seconds, you can generate an invoice from the project with all your time/expenses and send it to your client.