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What are these extra credits that appear in my Payment History?

If you manually enter a payment for an Invoice, and the amount is over the balance due, FreshBooks lets you know that you are paying more than the balance.

Payment Screen with Overpayment Info Box

This automatically creates a Credit for that Client when you save the payment. This is what’s shown in your payment history as a Credit with a note that indicates it is an Overpayment.


Note that there are two payments entries for the one payment you entered. One of them is a payment towards the balance of the Invoice, while the other is the Overpayment Credit created from the amount overpaid. If you’d like to add more notes about it, simply click edit beside that Overpayment Credit and modify away.

Wondering how much Credit your Client has? You can always see the remaining Credit balance of your Client by going to People—>Clients and clicking on their name.