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What does it mean when Authorize.Net gives the error code: “This Transaction cannot be accepted/processed”

This means that your Authorize.Net account is having problems integrating with FreshBooks. Don’t worry, it can be solved! You just need to reset your transaction key in Authorize.Net and enter it into your FreshBooks account.


  1. Log on to the Merchant Interface at
  2. Select **Settings** under Account in the main menu on the left
  3. Click **API Login ID and Transaction Key** in the Security Settings section
  4. Enter the secret answer to the secret question you configured when you activated your user account
  5. Click **Submit**
Log Into FreshBooks
  1. Click the ‘Settings’ tab
  2. Select ‘Online Payments’
  3. Enter new transaction key under
  4. Click Save
Below is the view of where you need to put your Transaction Key within FreshBooks