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What do my Client see when I bill them with Auto-billing?

Auto-Billing is a FreshBooks feature that allows you to automatically charge a Client’s credit card on a regular basis through a Recurring Profile set up in your account. To find out more about auto-billing, check out this post.

What Clients See

When paying their Recurring Invoice, your Client has the option of saving their credit card information to be automatically billed going forward. That way, they don’t have to manually enter their information each time.

They can do so by enabling the Save card and automate future payments option when entering their credit card information for the first time.

client entering autobill

How Clients Update Saved Credit Card Information

There is also a way for your Clients to update their credit cards. When your client is looking at an Invoice that was automatically billed, they have an easy way to see which of their credit cards is attached to that profile.

Client autobill view

If your Client wants to update or remove their credit card information from the Recurring Profile, they can follow the steps themselves here.