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How do I invite a Contractor?

Inviting a Contractor allows them to work with you in FreshBooks, enabling them to track time on projects they have been invited to while invoicing you for their services.

Once invited, a Contractor will work from their own separate free account and will not see any of your account information. Time they log on invited Projects will automatically sync to your account, allowing you to review their time and forward it on to your Clients at your own established rate.

Note: If you have staff members with your company, try the staff feature instead!

Invite & Connect Contractors

  1. Click on the People tab
  2. Click on the Staff and Contractors sub-tab
  3. Click on the New Team Member button
  4. New team member button.
  5. Click on the Add Contractor button
  6. Enter the Contractor’s email address
  7. Select a Task for the Contractor – this is the Task that all of their Time Entries will be logged under. All of these hours appear as this one task in your account and on the Invoice to your Client when you go to bill for the Project. Ensure you select a task that is billable if you plan on invoicing Clients for their time
  8. Enter the Contractor’s Rebill Rate. This is the rate that you charge your Clients for the Contractor’s time. Your Contractor cannot see this rate, and this is not necessarily the rate that you pay your Contractor for their work
  9. If you would like to assign them to some Projects you can check them off – this will allow them to track time to that Project from their account. If you’re not sure exactly what you want them working on yet, you can leave this blank and adjust it later
  10. Click the Save button.
New contractor page with fields.

Your Contractor will receive an email with a link that will allow them to either connect their existing FreshBooks account to yours or create a new account that is connected to yours. If you’re curious, you can see exactly what your Contractor is going to see here.

What Contractors See

  • Once invited, Contractors will appear under your list of Staff and Contractors with the (invited) label next to their name. If/when they accept the invitation, that label will go away and you can start working together.
  • Your Contractor logs into their own FreshBooks account to work on Projects that you have assigned them to. Those Projects will appear in their Time Tracking tab, inside the Projects sub-tab, highlighted in yellow. This indicates it is an invited Project (linked between you and your Contractor).


Will my Contractor see my billing rate or Project details?

No. Your Contractor that you have invited to work on your FreshBooks Project will not be able to see anything billing-related from your account. Once they have been invited to the Project(s), they can log hours and Invoice you, without seeing anything else from your account.

They will not be able to see:

  • Your rate you are charging the Client for the Contractor’s work.
  • Who else is also working on your Project in your FreshBooks account.

All your information is still kept private and secure, even when using Contractors in FreshBooks.

How do I pay my Contractor?

Your Contractor can send you Invoices from their FreshBooks account for work that they do. You can receive these Invoices in your Received sub-tab under the Invoices tab, and you can then convert them to Expenses when paid.

Since the Contractor uses their own account for this, if they have a payment gateway enabled, you can pay through FreshBooks. If not, you can pay your Contractor outside of FreshBooks manually (i.e. cheque, cash, bank transfer, etc.)