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What is a Payments Collected Report?

Your Payments Collected Report breaks out all of the payments you have recorded in detail, including any Credits you’ve created.

You can run your Payments Collected Report by doing the following:

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Click on the Accounting Reports sub-tab
  3. Click on Payments Collected.

There are a few things you’re able to change with the Payments Collected report:

Example of a payments collected report.
  • Date Range – You can set the date range for which you’d like payments pulled in from
  • Clients – You can choose to only pull in payments for certain Clients. If you’d like every payment leave all selected, otherwise click the Client in particular you would like to see
    • Note: To select more than one client hold down the CTRL key (on a Windows PC) or the Command ⌘ key (on a Mac) while clicking the Clients
  • Payments For – Here you can select if you would like to see just Payments that have been recorded as Credit, Payments that have been applied to Invoices, or both
  • Method – You can select which payment methods you would like to include in this report. Like the clients, you can select more than one by holding down the CTRL key (on a Windows PC) or the Command ⌘ key (on a Mac) while clicking

The report you generate will now show the Credit or Invoice number the payment was applied to, the Client who made the payment, the payment method, any notes that we added, the date of the payment and the amount of the payment. It will also total your payments in each currency at the bottom.

You may notice that some of the payment amounts have an asterisk beside them. This means that the Invoice payment was applied from a pre-existing Credit.

How do Credits work on this report?
So as not to double-count Credit payments, we include the payment when it is created as a Credit, not when the Credit is applied to an Invoice.

What about Sales Tax?
Sales tax isn’t broken out on this report at all. For more details about the sales tax you have collected check out the Tax Summary Report.