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What is a Staff/Contractor? How do I set one up?

Using Staff and Contractors within FreshBooks allows you to collaborate with your team members and improve your productivity. You can set your team members up as either a Staff or a Contractor and each type of team member has their own benefits.

Chart showing comparison between contractors and staff.


Staff have access to your FreshBooks accounts as well as:

  • Being able to log into your account and accessing most of the same information an administrator can
  • Staff can track their time and expenses
  • You can delegate tasks to them like sending Invoices or adding new Clients
  • Adding team members as Staff is ideal if you work closely together.

Click here if you want to learn how add a Staff member.


Contractors have their own FreshBooks account as well as:

  • They are linked to your FreshBooks account and can be invited to work on Projects
  • Contractors can track time to those Projects which will appear in your Team Timesheets, logged under the Contractor’s name and Task assigned to them
  • You can rebill the Contractor’s time onto your invoice to a Client
  • Contractors can bill you for their time, and you can access that invoice from your FreshBooks account
  • Adding team members as Contractors is ideal when you only need them to track their time.

Click here if you want to learn how add a Contractor