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What should I do if my phone with the app installed gets stolen or lost?

Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen to you but if it does, these are the steps you can take to ensure that your data is secure and reduce the likelihood that a bad guy gets to see your information.

  1. Contact our support team as soon as you can. We will ensure that the connection between the app and your FreshBooks account are disconnected so the bad guy can’t change anything on your account. The Support Rockstars will ensure you are in a good position and try and reduce the stress of replacing your phone.

  2. If you have Find My iPhone (Apple) or Android Device Manager set up on your device, trigger a remote wipe so that the data on the phone gets erased.

  3. Change your FreshBooks username and password by logging into your account on the computer and clicking on My Account on the upper right of the page.