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What is an Item/Task? Where do I manage them?

When creating Invoices in FreshBooks, you can choose to bill for time you’ve tracked, which are called Tasks, for goods or services that you’re selling, or both. Below are the differences between Items and Tasks, and how you can manage them.


  • Fixed cost for goods at a variable quantity
  • Can be a service (intangible) or a product (tangible) that you’re billing for
  • Taxes can be assigned to Items and saved
  • All Items are managed in the Items sub-tab under the Invoices tab



  • Used for billing at hourly or flat Project rates (fixed rate, variable time)
  • Tasks can be assigned to Projects for time tracking and rebilling purposes
  • Taxes can be assigned to time entries and saved (on a per-Client basis)
  • All Tasks are managed in theTasks sub-tab under the Time Tracking tab

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