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How do I send my Clients an Account Statement?

An Account Statement helps you and your business out in many ways:

  • Lets your Client know of their outstanding balance
  • Lets your Client see their Invoices and payment history
  • Allows you to keep track for records

You can follow these steps to produce one and save it:

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click on the Organization name for any of your Clients
  3. On the Client’s profile page, look for Quick Links
  4. Under Quick Links, click on Account Statement
  5. Click on Send Statement to email it to your Client, click on Print Statement to print it off or click on the Export CSV button to save it as a CSV file.

Note: If you need to send only outstanding Invoices to your Client, we recommend using the Export CSV button to save it, and you modify the CSV file to only show the outstanding Invoices.