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What are Tasks?

Tasks are used when tracking time, so you can bill a hourly or flat rate rate for the work you’re doing. Different Tasks can be used while tracking time so your Clients know exactly what you’re billing them for. You can also see where your time is going so you can estimate and bill for Projects more accurately.

Not sure if you want to Invoice for Tasks or Item? You can check out the differences here.

New Task

To create a task, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. Click on the Tasks sub-tab
  3. Click on + New Task button to create a new one, or edit to make changes to an existing Task
  4. New task button.
  5. Give your Task a Task Name. This is the only mandatory field
  6. New task with fields to enter.
  7. You can choose to add to the Description field, which will provide your Clients with a little more information regarding the Task you’re billing for
  8. If you do not plan on billing your Client for the time you track against this Task, uncheck the Bill to Client box
  9. If you do plan on billing your Client, set a Rate per hour
  10. Assign the Task to the relevant Projects as needed
  11. Click Save to finish.

Edit Task

To edit a task, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Time Tracking tab
  2. Click on the Tasks subtab
  3. Click on the edit link next to a task
  4. Edit link to change a task.
  5. Update the task with your edits and click Save to finish.