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Which Billing Method should I choose?

When you create a Project, you’ll need to select a Billing Method. There are four billing methods and each one is explained with additional detail:

Hourly Staff Rate

  • If you have Staff in your account, their rate is how much your Client will be billed regardless of the Task the hours are logged against
  • The Staff rates will be shown under the Team Members section when editing or creating a new Project
  • Staff rates can be edited by going to the People tab, then Staff and Contractors sub-tab and clicking editnext to the Staff
  • This method is really useful if you have multiple Staff working on a Project all with different rates

Hourly Task Rate:

  • Your Client will be billed based on the Tasks that are assigned to the Project
  • The Task rates associated with that Project are shown on the Assigned Tasks section when editing or creating a new Project. They can be adjusted here as well
  • It doesn’t matter who tracked the time, only the Task Rate is being taken into consideration
  • This method is really useful if you charge different rates for different Tasks regardless of who did the work

Hourly Project Rate:

  • It doesn’t matter who tracked the time, or which Task was chosen, your Client will always be billed at one consistent rate for that Project
  • You set the rate when creating or editing a Project in the Project Information section

Flat Project Amount:

  • It doesn’t matter how many hours were logged, the Project will always be billed at the Flat Project Amount
  • You set the Flat Project Amount from the Edit Project screen
  • The number of total hours logged will still show up on the Invoice, but they will be set at a $0.00 rate
  • There will be a line item after all time entries showing the Flat Project Amount on the Invoice