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Why aren’t my late reminders going out? Can I force FreshBooks to send one out now?

If they have not been sent out, it could be that you have turned on the late reminders too late. The late payment reminders do not act on arrears. As such, any invoices that were over 30-60-90 days late (or whatever you have set up for your late reminders) at the time that you turned on the late payment reminder feature will not have one sent out automatically. They get sent out whenever the deadline hits and that’s it, until the next deadline rolls around.

Can I force the system to send out a late reminder?

The system cannot be forced to send out a late reminder. However, you can always copy and paste the late reminder message into an email to your client which you send manually.

To send an email to your clients:

  1. Go to Invoices

  2. Edit the invoice in question.

  3. Click “Send by email”. This will allow you to edit the body of the email before you resend the invoice.