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Why can’t I delete a Client?

If you have a Client that you’re no longer Invoicing, or you’d like to delete them to free up some space to add new Clients, you can delete them. Sometimes, you may get an error message about active features associated to them when trying to delete a Client:

Error message indicating active recurring expense and active project associated with a client.

This may be because your Clients are associated with one or more active or archived Project(s), Recurring Expense(s), and/or Recurring Profile(s). These will need to be deleted first before you can delete the Client. You can follow these steps:

  1. In the red notification box that appears after attempting to delete the Client, there should be a link for every active or archived Project, Recurring Expense and/or Recurring Profile. Open each link in a new tab (CMD or CTRL + click on link)
  2. In each tab that’s opened, check the boxes off next to the Project, Recurring Expense and/or Recurring Profile
  3. Click the Delete button
  4. Ensure that you check the archived folders as well
  5. Return to the main page with the notification box. Check the box off next to your Client again
  6. Click the Delete button and your Client will now be successfully deleted.