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Why can’t I import my CSV?

CSV files requires specific formatting in order to import successfully. Below are some tips on how to fix common issues:

Importing a list of Clients:

  • Be sure to use the exact format of the sample provided.
  • Mandatory fields should not be left blank. Client name and email are mandatory. You can fill it with dummy data (Example Example at in order for it to import correctly.
  • Double check your Client limit. You can go to My Account at the top corner and see what plan you’re on and how many Clients you have. You can upgrade your account to get more clients.

Importing a list of Expenses:

  • Be sure to use the exact format of the sample provided.
  • Ensure the file is saved as a CSV.
  • The format of the last column “amount” should be set to general rather than number or currency. (Double-check this by right-clicking on one of the cells in this column, and select Format Cells.)

Bonus Tricks for Excel Users:

Text To Columns

Some programs will export your data and put a Client’s first and last name in the same column. This is a problem when importing requires the first and last name to be separated. Text to Columns automatically does this for you.

To take advantage of the Text to Columns feature, highlight the column containing the data you want to separate, go to the Data menu and select Text to Columns. You’ll arrive at a 3-step wizard:

  1. Check the delimited box
  2. Check the space option in the delimiter section
  3. Click Finish.

Replace (Ctrl + F)

Sometimes imports can get stuck because your files are peppered with unwanted punctuation. Think of Replace as seek and destroy for errant characters.

  1. In the Edit menu, select Replace or hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard
  2. In the Find What: field type in whatever it is you want to mass replace
  3. Leave the Replace With field blank and click Replace All.