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Why do my partially paid invoices not show up in my Accounts Aging report?

Partially paid invoices may not show up in your Accounts Aging report if they are still in draft mode and are not “active” invoices. This may be because a credit was applied to the invoice while creating it and then the invoice was saved as a draft, or a partial payment was entered towards a draft invoice.

Because the status becomes ‘partial’ instead of ‘draft’ if it is partially paid, it’s hard to tell if it’s in draft mode or not. One way to check is to edit the invoice. If the button on the bottom left says ‘Save as Draft’, it is in draft mode.

You can take the invoice out of draft mode by choosing one of the send options. If you want to take these invoices out of draft mode, without sending an email to your client: 1. Go to Invoices 2. Hover over the invoice number 3. Click ‘Mark as Sent’