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Which Cloud-based Accounting Software is Better – QuickBooks or FreshBooks?


Are you a small business owner? Are you a freelancer? Are you just starting out in the business landscape? Then, one of the most important things you will need is a reliable accounting software to organize all client billings and expenses. 

You may already be familiar with two of these software options, namely QuickBooks and FreshBooks. They have been helping businesses and self-employed individuals since 2004 and more or less have the same offerings in terms of accounting features. On the other hand, they also have different functions that may or may not suit your services. 

QuickBooks or FreshBooks?

They might have similar-sounding names but their target audiences differ. QuickBooks is more preferred by accountants and bookkeepers, while FreshBooks is perfect for those who don’t have extensive knowledge of accounting. 

One of the biggest advantages of FreshBooks over QuickBooks is that all of its features are available in all of the pricing plans. Features such as time tracking, expense categorization, and assignment of team roles are only available in QuickBooks with its top-tier pricing plans. FreshBooks also allows multiple users to access a single FreshBooks account. With QuickBooks, it limits access to 1 to 5 users. 

There are also features that are available in FreshBooks but not in QuickBooks. First is that you can collaborate with other employees, contractors, and also clients for projects in FreshBooks. Using the software, all important files and messages can be shared with everyone allowing the entire team to work seamlessly together. Second, you can create new proposals for a client to win projects. Clients can also easily view and accept project estimates online. Everything can be dealt with without leaving the FreshBooks software or mobile application. 

In terms of customer service, people who have tried both accounting software platforms have said that FreshBooks has the upper hand. It has also gained positive reviews and testimonials from many users because of its ease of use. The step-by-step walkthrough of the accounting software has made it easy for users to learn the basics of accounting and eventually get the hang of it in the long run. Even its mobile app is easy to use and offers all features unlike other accounting apps.

Some of the advantages of QuickBooks over FreshBooks are bank reconciliation, double-entry accounting, more integrations, manage accounts payable, lending, and inventory tracking. If you want to have full accounting services for your business, QuickBooks is a good choice for you. 


Final Thoughts

Choosing a cloud-based accounting software that will be perfect for you and your business is hard, especially now that there are a lot of available options. QuickBooks is a full, cloud-based accounting software package which is perfect for businesses with a lot of sales transactions and inventory. However, if you are a self-employed individual or a service-based business who likes to be paid for your time and expertise, FreshBooks is the perfect choice. Even if you are just starting out, accounting will never be hard to do with FreshBooks because of its overall user-friendliness. 

To read more information about FreshBooks accounting software, visit our website at https://www.freshbooks.com.