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As your client’s trusted advisor, you are always seeking new ways to better serve your clients.  You are relentless, and today your search is going to pay off.

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Your Clients Have Different Needs and Deserve Personalized Recommendations

Powerful FreshBooks Features for Accountants

  • Access accounting reports like General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss
  • Add Journal Entries
  • Manage Chart of Accounts
  • Review and manage Invoices, Expenses, Payments, Other Income and Bank Reconciliation

You offer personalized service, tailored to the individual needs of your clients. You meet them where they are. But when it comes to accounting software, you haven’t had a lot of choice in products you can recommend. The consequence? You spend time fixing errors and inputting data. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do You Have Clients Who Invoice? Recommend FreshBooks

Some clients have the same pain: invoicing. They need super simple, incredibly easy invoicing. Whether they are self-employed, run a firm, agency or consultancy, or simply have a lot of clients they need to invoice every month, billing clients are their major “accounting problem”. Good news – FreshBooks is the antidote to their pain, and yours.

We Believe: If You Serve Everyone, You Serve No One

You turn away clients – for good reason. They aren’t a fit for you, or you aren’t a fit for them. But the fact remains, the right thing to do is to send them elsewhere.

Since FreshBooks is built exclusively for businesses who invoice, you might ask, “does this mean you don’t serve retail customers or restaurants?” That is correct. In no uncertain terms. Like you, we know the right thing to do is to turn away some clients so we can better serve core clientele.

If your clients need a point of sale or hardcore job order costing, please recommend something else. But…

If your clients need to make invoicing and accounting easy, accurate and professional, recommend FreshBooks.  

If your clients struggle to corral time entries and project details onto their invoices, recommend FreshBooks.  

If you clients send 50-5000 invoices every month and will benefit from automation around sending those invoices and collecting their payments, recommend FreshBooks.

“Your clients finally have a product that clicks for them.”

What Recommending FreshBooks Does for You and Your Clients?

Picture this: It’s tax season. Your messiest client arrives at your door and unbelievably they’re organized. For the first time, they captured their invoices and expenses throughout the year, and you have a complete picture of their finances. This year your job will be easy and they won’t be stressed out. Why? Because they finally have a product that clicks for them, one that’s built for them.

Or maybe it’s time for a quarterly check-in and you want to understand the health of their accounts receivable, their pipeline of client prospects and how their staff is being utilized? FreshBooks is the solution for you, and them.

But let’s get to it – you like data, don’t you? On average, FreshBooks customers save 16 hours per month and get paid 14 days faster. What could you do if you had 16 hours back every month?

A Recommendation You Can Proudly Make

“FreshBooks has been used by over 24,000,000 people.”

You can rest easy knowing FreshBooks has been used by over 24,000,000 people since 2004. And while making billing a breeze is what your clients get, you benefit too with easy online access to their GL, chart of accounts, FreshBooks super easy to use bank reconciliation and a suite of other powerful tools.

Still have some hang-ups? Perfect – call us. We love speaking with our customers, and their trusted advisors. Our world-class white glove service comes at no additional cost. You likely won’t need to, but it’s always nice to know you can, just in case.

Serve Your Clients Properly with FreshBooks

If you or your clients want help moving data from your old system to FreshBooks, help is a phone call away. Have a client who needs bookkeeping you don’t want to do? No problem – FreshBooks offers bookkeeping services.

Stop spending your time correcting errors, and start spending your time offering your clients the council they need to succeed. You are one step away: Start recommending FreshBooks today.

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